Hatha Yoga

  • Spacious body internally and externally
  • Fun and Creative
  • Relaxation and Challenging
  • Flexible and Powerful
  • Empowering

This authentic approach of yoga welcomes everyone as we are all very unique in our shape, size and ability levels.  As we move with fluidity through each posture (asana) this allows the breath (pranayama) to move even deeper into spaciousness and openness the body adores.  Yoga allows the body to be rinsed, released and massaged from a very deep place internally, emotionally and physically.

We have a very mindful approach and so we are not here to push or force the body into any postures or stretches.  We are here simply to allow yoga to continue to grow within us listening deeply to the mind and body regardless of age or capability.

There are many reasons why people come to yoga.  It may be for stress relief or realigning and empowering the body. For some people it is a part of socialising. For some it’s a spiritual and meditative practice and for some balancing the hormonal and emotion system.  For me personally it is more about the practice bringing a sense of playfulness and openness to the mind and body.

As there are with all therapies there are some contra-indications for yoga. If there are any questions or information you would like about yoga please feel free contact me on the contacts page.

Yoga classes venues and times:

The Obolensky Dance Studio, Trent College, Long Eaton, Nottingham. Thursday evenings starting at 7.30 pm until 8.45 pm.  £6 per session pay as you go.

Loughborough University Monday and Friday lunchtimes 12.30 – 1.30 pm and Friday afternoon classes 5.15 – 6.15 pm.

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